Disaster Relief Donation Program

Donate money to relief and get a free Balooba product. It seems like disasters are part of everyday life nowadays. However, for the victims it is far from business as usual. Take a moment and donate money, for example to the Red Cross or Human Rights Watch. Apple sometimes makes it easy and you can use the link on top of the page. Donate a "decent" amount let's say 20 bucks will get a free copy of whichever Balooba app you want. There is no catch.

How to go abouts:

First, pick your app. Decide which Balooba product you would like to recieve. Feel free to download the demos and try them out. The most popular application is Safari Prairiefire, apart from owners of the latest Powerbooks and iBooks who mainly seem to download BubbleGym. Your call.

Second, donate money. There are numerous organizations that accept donations. Pick whichever you trust the most. It does not matter as long as it provides relief for either they victims of the Katrina or the Rita hurricanes or the earth quake in Pakistan. Or to any humanitarian aid organization now since it was a while ago these disasters happened. Human Rights Watch needs all money they can get. Probably the most convenient for many is to donate through iTunes Music Store or to the Red Cross. But it's your pick. Link to iTMS (site not always up)

Third, mail us proof of your donation . No special form is required, just send an email with a confirmation of the donation attached. Include which app you want a free copy of. And don't worry about spam, we never give out your email address to anybody.

Fourth, check your mail. The registration code will be mailed to the same email address. Please allow for up to a few hours, it is hard to predict how large the load will be and these emails will be handled manually.

Congratulations on your free legal copy! Register the application as described in the email and enjoy.

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