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The Dashboard widget that replaces your bathroom.

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Mirror does work in Leopard or Snow Leopard.
Apple has decided to block the way some of the video technologies works for Dashboard and Safari. This means that for now Mirror will run only in Tiger. But we are in contact with Apple and there is good hope that future OS:es will support Mirror again and perhaps bring it up to the hit lists again. For more memoribilia, check out this sequence from Devil wears Prada (time stamp 1:30).

About Mirror

A widget that displays a mirror image of yourself. Since it is mirrorized it shows your face the way it would look like in a mirror and not like a normal webcam. This widget combines Dashboard, the latest QuickTime, and QuartzComposer. It s purpose is to show off the technologies and to be fun. As a bonus it might be useful before business meetings or when the bathroom is crowded.

Version history

Version 2.0
Now resizable (requested feature). New look and artwork. The UI adheres to Apple's guidelines with preferences. The user's name is no longer displayed under the mirror..

Frequently asked questions

There is currently no questions so it is not meaningful to compile a list of the most frequent. Please ask something and you might get published here. And get famous.

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