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Welcome to Mr Mind

Mr Mind© is a virtual version of the classic game Master Mind.



The free demo version displays a tedious splash screen at startup. If you would like to obtain the full version of the game and thereby contributing with $5 to the programmer's coffee to be drunk during code-writing please send an email to The full version will be mailed directly to you.


Game rules

You play according to the standard rules defined for the original board game. The opponent (the computer) selects four blobs with random colors and keeps them hidden from the player (you). It is allowed for several blobs to have the same color. The player then selects a choice of four blobs and places them in corresponding positions in the board's bottom row. After pressing "OK" the computer responds by displaying up to four indicators which can be black or white. Black indicator means that a blob was placed at a correct position. White indicator shows that a blob was placed in an incorrect position but that the color is present in the computers hidden combination. Play until the computers combination is solved.


Added  in version 1.7

Bug fixes. Improved hiscore function. Edited music track. carbonized version that runs under both Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X


Added  in version 1.6.8

Removed the 5 minute limit for the demo version and replaced it with a 7 second "tedious message". Added music to level 2, see Subtitles below.


Added  in version 1.6

Added functionality for Windows users. Two difficulty levels, play like before or against the clock. Cleaned up code.


Added  in version 1.5

The game is now playable in screen resolutions lower than 800 pixels high. Some minor aesthetics such as removing some unnecessary dialog windows.


Features in version 1.4

Blobs can be positioned by drag and drop from the palette to the right on the board. Alternatively, they can be selected by clicking repeqtedly on the desired position. The first click will result in the positioning of a random blob. Subsequent clicks will change the blob's color in the same order asthey are displayed in the palette.

A highscore function was included which shows the name of the player that manage to solve the combination with the fewest attempts. Also, the board color will change after every successful game, just for the sake of beauty.


System requirements

The game is fully carbonized and can be played under both Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X. However, to play in Classic mode, you will need at least CarbonLib version 1.4, which is available free from



The game was created in REALbasic®. The cool icon was created by Andreas Lindkvist, please visit for more examples of his artwork.  The music was adapted from The Teletubbies® and provided by Branimir Krstic, the link is highly recommended.


Mr Mind is ©2002 Peter Berglund,, Balooba Software