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Downloads the National Geographics Photo of the Day and set it as the current Mac Desktop image

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Installation and Uninstallation
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Welcome to NG Downloader.
NG Downloader is available for download. . (Dec, 8, 2010)

About NG Wallpaper

This Automator scripted app downloads the Photo of the Day from the National Geographics website to the desktop. It then grabs the downloaded image and sets it to be the Desktop image (wallpaper).


Download NG Wallpaper as an application.
If you wish you are welcome to download the Automator workflow which is editable.


NG Wallpaper is freeware. Feel free to download and use this. If you liked the program I accept donations. You can distribute links to this website but not the actual application without permission. To request a permit, please send an email to support(at)

Version history

Version 1.0
This is the very first release. No known issues or bugs but please let me know if you find any.

Installation and uninstallation

Download and dubbelcklick the downloaded file. Drag the applications icon, called NG Wallpaper, to any folder you like such as your Applications folder. You can delete the downloaded zip file afterwards

To remove it, simply trash the application. No residual files are installed.

Where to get it and report feedback

When you read this there might be a newer version available. Check out Report feedback, suggestions, comments etc to feedback(at)

Frequently asked questions

There is currently too few questions to compile a list of the most frequent. Please ask something and you might get published here.

Known issues
Note that the application leaves a copy of the downloaded image file in the Desktop folder. The file will be named differently each time.


The program was created in Automator, thanks Apple for this tool.

System requirements, bugs, and disclaimer

Tilt functionality require a computer capable of running Automator and Automator scripts. As of Dec 2010 this includes all Mac computers running Mac OS X version 10.4 or later. The application was created to run under Mac OS X and version 1.0 was tested only on Mac OS X 10.6.5. This little application has no known bugs, viruses, malware, trojans etc but by using it you accept responsibility for any problems that might occur. You run NG Wallpaper at your own risk. Please report any bugs, complaints, applause etc to the email address below.

Automator and Mac is a Trademark owned by Apple Inc. The Automator icon is Apple's intellectual property and copyright. NG Wallpaper is ©2005-2011 Peter Berglund, Balooba Software, ngwallpaper[a] All rights reserved.

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