Download Safari Prairiefire

Please select which version to download based on the version of Safari you are currently running.

Recommended (unless you have a really old system).
If you are running any relatively recent version of Safari including version 5.1.1 (released Nov 5th, 2011), use this version

Not recommended.
If you know you are running an older version of Safari (version 5.1.0 or earlier) you may instead want to download the previous version (1.5.0) of Safari Prairefire.This is our latest official release of the software.

Note that Safari Prairiefire version 1.5.0 is incompatible with the latest version of Safari (version 5.1.1). The latest release version, top of the page, is therefore recommended to all users.


Version 1.9.x - Known Issues

Older Versions of OS X
Version 1.9.7 was updated to be compatible with mac OS 10.12 Sierra. We have done testing on several versions of mac OS. If you encounter problems on Macs running OS X from are several generations back please send a note to feedback(at) Version 1.9.6 is available here.

Repair Permissions
Internal testing has identified a very rare issue (thanks to Karen Rothwell for helping to isolate this bug). When certain unusually formatted bookmarks that are also stored inside deeply nested bookmarks folders (such as a folder within a folder within a folder) are deleted inside Safari Prairiefire, launching Safari can cause all bookmarks to appear as if they were erased. Note that Safari Prairefire prompts the user to save a backup so "lost" bookmarks can easily be restored. Any feedback, bug reports etc are most wellcome. Please submit those to feedback<at>

Clear Reading List
Safari Prairiefire is currently not compatible with Safari's new Reading List feature (thanks to Dick Allen for providing his bookmarks file which made troubleshooting possible). If you remove a "bookmark" which also is a Reading List entry, Safari will not recognize the bookmarks file and re-create the default set of bookmarks. This issue only affects bookmarks added to the Raeding List. We are working on an update. As a workaround you will need to remove Reading List entries:

1. Launch Safari
2. Under Menu / View, select Show reading List
3. In the Reading List pane, select Clear All
4. Quit Safari
5. Open up Safari Prairiefire, which now will work as expected