Balooba Software ( has decided, to donate "every single cent that comes in to us from our software business, including app registration fees" to the American Red Cross in support for the victims of the earthquake disaster in Japan. Popular apps include Skip Ahead (for iPhone or iPod touch) the Mac OS X apps Safari Prairiefire (bookmarks utility), Bubblegym (tilt-controlled), Babylooba (game for babies), Mirror widget (as seen in Devil wears Prada) and other apps. The donations will be processed daily from any revenue generated during that day to ensure rapid aid to the victims of this cathastrophe.

UPDATE (17 April, 2011).
The disaster has and will keep on taking a big toll on Japan and its people. It is clear that it will take a long time and a lots of resources to make recovery possible. Balooba Software is committed to do our little part and will donate 30% of all incoming registration fees to the Red Cross in support of Japan.

Peter Berglund, Balooba Software, Carrboro, NC

Disaster Relief Donation Program

14 Mar 2011 - The earth quake, the following Tsunami and the nuclear explosions in Japan have affected millions of people. It seems like disasters are part of everyday life nowadays. However, for the victims it is far from business as usual. Please take a moment and donate money, for example to the Red Cross. We have decided to donate all proceeds from our apps to The American Red Cross. Every day, I will transfer all registration fees, donations etc that you and other spend on Balooba software products in support of the victims.

What to do?:

First, pick your app. 'Feel free to download the demos and try them out. The most popular applications are Safari Prairiefire and the iPhone app Skip Ahead (this link works on the US App Store, in other regions please open the app store and search for Skip Ahead). For parents with babies, check out Babylooba. But all registration feels will be donated, your call. Click Buy or Download.

Second, register the app. The forms in Paypal have or will be modified to accept larger donations than the original list price in case you would like to increase your donation.

Third, check your mail. The registration codes are sent within a few minutes to you by email. For Babylooba, please allow for up to a few hours, it is hard to predict how large the load will be and the Babylooba registrations are handled manually.

Congratulations on your registration and donation!

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