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Welcome to Babylooba - Software for babies

Software for babies? You might ask why a baby would need computers? Of course they do! Well, it is not that they need computers. Just like we don't either. Or just like the baby actually doesn't really need any other specific toy. But they need to play and be stimulated. Babylooba is designed to be fun, pedagogic, and interesting for the baby.

Sam 9 months plays Babylooba on a Powerbook
Betatester Sam 9 months playing Babylooba on a Powerbook. See the movie.

Being a baby means going through an huge learning process. Everything has to be learnt from scratch such as motor functions, coordination, social interactions, and brain functions.

Babies and toddlers have used toys since the beginning of humanity. Toys have provided something the babies can touch, feel, become familiar with and look at. As any parent knows Good Toys are also interactive in the sense that the baby can make something happen to them. This can be everything from dropping something from the shopping cart and see the item fall to squeeze a beeping doll and hear it sound. Good toys keep the baby's interest, provide gratification, focus, and excitement which aids the child's development.

The computer can be a formidable baby toy! It is large and nice to the touch, it has an interesting screen where things are moving, and sometimes it makes noises. With the right software the home computer can be transformed into a pedagogic, magic, and extremely interesting Good Toy.

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There are plenty of games for toddlers, but our research has shown that babies need different computer activities to be stimulated than the typical games toddlers and younger childred will enjoy later in life.

Babylooba is an interactive software for babies and small toddlers. The function is simple to the grown-up and wonderfully interesting and mesmerizing to the baby. The baby will learn that pressing (well... pushing or banging will also work) leads to an action. This by itself results in a stage of excitement or confidence boost. The action can be the appearance of a geometric (soon familiar) figure and a sound. The action can be altered to fit the baby's stage of development. Many babies prefer the contrasts between certain colors such as black, read or white. And many babies become very interested if the figures appear on different parts of the screen each time.

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