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Babylooba is only USD 9.50

We have priced it so that every parent can afford to use it. They can also try out Babylooba for free! But hey, the unregistered version will only work for five minutes. To avoid frustration please register for the full version.

Babylooba for Mac OS X
System requirements: any Mac, desktop or portable, running Mac OS X from version 10.0.4 to 10.7.2 or higher. Compatible with Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion.


Babylooba for Mac OS
System requirements: any Macintosh computer, desktop or portable, running Mac OS from version 7.5.1 to 9.2.2. If you don't know which type of Mac system you have, just download both and try.
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Just paid?
Thank you and welcome to the Babylooba family!
You will recieve an email with a password. Use it to register Babylooba.

When you register the demo will become the Full Version with no time limits and some more options available!

We never share your email address.

If you paid through PayPal you will recieve the password within a few minutes (you probably already got it). If you paid by mailing a check or money order the password will be emailed to as soon as the payment has arrived.
Thank you!

Babylooba for Windows
System requirements: any PC compatible computer, including notebooks, running Windows from version 95 to 2000 or higher. Compatible with Windows Me, NT, XP. Vista and probably Windows 7 too.
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Buy Babylooba
$ 9.50
Payment by check
Mail a check or money order (or even cash) to the address at the bottom of the page. Make it payable to Balooba SW.

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Payment by credit card

Payments are processedsecurely by PayPal. To pay by Visa, Master Card or PayPal directly please click the button below. You will be guided through the payment procedure.


New! Babylooba for iOS
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Help us improve Babylooba
Join the beta-tester team

Free registration for helpful users - temporary offer
Right now we are looking for users who are willing to send us feedback. This will help us to further improve Babylooba.
As a selected beta-tester you will be sent a registration code for free. To apply, drop us a mail and mention the Beta Program, the baby who will participate in the testing and what computer system you have (Windows or Mac version). No strings attached and we will not share your email address with anybody.


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